Library of Matej Hrebenda in Rimavská Sobota

Library of Matej Hrebenda in Rimavská Sobota is a public, regional, cultural, information and educational institution that obtains and preserves the library fund, makes it available, puts together catalogues and provides library and  information services.
Library serves as a municipal library for the town of Rimavská Sobota and a regional library for the districts of Rimavská Sobota and Revúca. It is an allowance organization founded by an autonomous region of Banská Bystrica.
The library is named after the modest and poor propagator of book culture in the 19th century –  Matej Hrebenda from Hačava. The library salutes an open-minded blind colporteur of sharp and active intellect. In a spirit of these traditions and current requirements of modern times we provide our services for all our visitors.
The library has a seat in the building of a former Mayor’s Residence situated on the Main Square in the town of Rimavská Sobota. It was built in 1798 in the French capping style with baroque elements. The memory of the original mission of the building demonstrates the coat-of-arms of the Malohont district in the front of the building. There is a Latin inscription below the coat-of-arms:


The library has been situated in the building since  1st  October 1993. The aim of our staff is to follow the meaning of the Latin inscription and be helpful to the visitors.

Services provided:
Library Services:

  1. Loan Services
  1.  lending away from the library
  2.  studying in the library
  3.  reservations
  4.  renewing
  5.  providing the items through the Inter-Library Loans Service or via  International Inter-Library Loans Service
  6. searching for items through the Common Catalogue of libraries in the region of Banská Bystrica. It is also available in our on-line catalogue.
  1. Bibliographical Information and Consulting Services
  1. bibliography and other information processing and publishing
  2. providing the documents and factual information
  3. bibliographic research –  processing and providing the information
  1. Special services
  1. lending sound documents for partially sighted and blind people
  2. making documents available for individual hearing
  3. providing with games and toys
  4. Internet – free of charge


  1. Reprographic Services
  1. making photocopies of parts of documents from the Library Fund
  1. Group Work
  1. informatics education
  2. excursions to the library
  3. discussions with authors


Library Departments:

Department of Library Information Funds

  1. The function of the department is not only to supplement the fund, but also to process, update and protect it.
  1. Each item is labelled with a tag including a bar code, accession number and electromagnetic etiquette.


      Coordination and Methodology Department
The department activity is aimed at coordination and methodology in its own library and the libraries of the regions of Rimavská Sobota and Revúca.

      Department of Library and Information Services

  1. central registry section – section with the largest number of visitors
  2. section of sociological and educational literature – section with the biggest library fund
  3. section of art and science, music room and the Internet – section with the greatest variety of items
  4. section of belles-lettres for adults with a reading room – section with the largest number of borrowed items
  5. section for children and young readers – section with the largest number of cultural and educational events
  6. a branch at Elementary School of Pavol Dobšinský

 Department of General and Regional bibliography
Department provides bibliographical, documentary and information activities, primary and secondary regional fund processing and development. The department contains regional fund of books, brochures, magazines and special printed items, bibliographic information equipment as well as the bibliography fund.
Editorial activities of the department are focused on publishing bibliographic almanac of newspaper and magazine articles called "Districts of Rimavská Sobota and Revúca in press", Anniversary Calendar of personalities from Rimavská Sobota and Revúca regions, portraits of famous people in the region celebrating personal jubilees and personal bibliographies.

Matej Hrebenda Library
Hlavné námestie 8
979 01 Rimavská Sobota
Tel. 047-5631049
Fax 047-5631378

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